How To


Pilling is a pest! It's hard to avoid those fuzzy little knots that form on knitwear – but you can take some steps to minimize them.

DON'T RUB Pilling occurs when fibers form knots so avoid carrying a shoulder bag that rubs against your favorite sweater.

HAND WASH With knitwear, hand-washing is best. If you do use the washing machine though choose the gentle cycle and use liquid detergent. Washing powder can rub against the material and worsen pilling.

ROLL ON Get in the habit of regularly using of a lint roller. Not only will it keep your woolens looking good but it helps prevent pills from forming by picking up loose threads before they start knotting together.

TAKE OFF As and when pills do form – as they inevitably will – there are various ways to remove them. You can carefully use a disposable razor, a pair of nail scissors, or a sweater stone which is like a pumice stone and can rub away pilling.